WSOT 2021: Battle For the City Begins!

We invite all quest seekers to take up their arms and accept the challenge, all for the hoard of (digital) treasures — a mountainous prize pool of 7,500,000 USDT and dozens of other covetable rewards.

A fantastical trading battlefield is set for Bybit’s World Series of Trading 2021 — scour through global cities, wander where only the brave go, and come face-to-face with dragons and their treasure hoards.

This time, we’re not stopping simply at a prize pool. Raiding the dragon’s lair is no easy task and can only be matched with an equally worthwhile reward. We live to deliver, and this year we’re going beyond your wildest imaginations.

Introducing: 7,500,000 USDT Treasure Hoard & More

  • 7,500,000 USDT Prize Pool: Higher prize pool tiers will be unlocked the more participants register across this year’s two (2) competitions — the BTC & ETH Troop Throwdown and the Solo Showdown
  • Up to 20% Derivatives Taker Fee Discount: Participants who invite their friends to successfully sign up for either of the competitions can get up to 20% discount in taker fees, while new participants who register with a referrer’s code will receive a 10% discount correspondingly

Accept the Quest

And the moment we’ve all been waiting for… Bybit’s very own NFT (non-fungible token) collection — The Trove and an additional 40,000 USDT in bonuses!

We’re making 1,000+ unique and exclusive NFT rewards available — grab the chance to take home an emblem representing the blood, sweat and tears you have put into your trading battles (and a dash of luck!). What better a testament of supremacy in WSOT 2021 than your very own NFT collectible?

The more NFT novelties you have from the game, the higher you rank on the NFT rankings list! A 40,000 USDT bonus prize pool will be dedicated to participants who gather the largest number of different NFTs during the event period.

Daily NFT lucky draws begin Aug. 23, 2021, 10AM UTC but you can start accumulating points now!

Prize Pool Donation to UNICEF New Zealand

Additionally, Bybit will be contributing 5% of the total prize pool and topping up that amount to donate $400,000 to UNICEF New Zealand to support the agency’s Reimagine Education work in East Asia and the Pacific region.

*UNICEF does not endorse any company, brand, product or service.

Choose Your Battle Stage

1. Stronger Together: BTC & ETH Troop Throwdown

Take on the two largest cryptocurrencies in the market on the main stage in teams where a massive 6,000,000 USDT prize pool awaits you. Led by your favorite Troop Leader, you and your troop mates will work your way to victory by raking in profits with any BTC and ETH Inverse Contracts, including Inverse Futures and Inverse Perpetuals.

Eligibility: Any users who have minimum net equity (derivatives account balance) of 0.03 BTC or 0.45 ETH at the time of registration.

Registration Phase: From now until Sept. 4, 2021, 10AM UTC (but no discounts are available after Aug. 28, 2021, 10AM UTC)

Participants can choose to establish their own troops as a leader, or join an existing troop during the registration period. There are opportunities for you to come out on top based on your group’s performance (teamwork for the win!) or your individual record.

Rewards Distribution: Separated into three (3) categories

  • Troop P&L(%) Reward — Accounts for 70% of the total prize pool, awarded to the top 10 winning troops. In each winning Troop, the Troop Leader will get 20% of the Troop Rewards, the Top 10 eligible members will share 30% of the Troop Rewards, and the remaining 50% Troop Rewards will be shared equally by the team members who reach the threshold volume.
  • Individual Profit Reward — Accounts for 15% of the total prize pool, awarded to the top 10 winning participants
  • Individual P&L(%) Reward — Accounts for 15% of the total prize pool, awarded to the top 10 winning participants

Additional NFT rewards will be available for popular Troop Leaders with the largest group sizes. The first 10 members of any troop will also receive a $10 bonus in BTC. Time to gather some loyal comrades and fight your way to the throne!

Find out more on the Troop Throwdown event page.

Register for a Troop

Register as Troop Leader

2. Venture Out On Your Own: Solo Showdown

Or strike it out on your own for the 1,500,000 USDT Prize Pool with any other coins available on Bybit. The Solo Showdown uses all non-BTC & ETH-margined Perpetual Contracts. That includes all USDT Perpetual Contracts and EOS & XRP Inverse Perpetual Contracts.

Eligibility: Any users who have minimum net equity (derivatives account balance) of 300 USDT, 80 EOS or 500 XRP at the time of registration.

Registration Phase: From now until Sept. 4, 2021, 10AM UTC (but no discounts are available after Aug. 28, 2021, 10AM UTC)

The best part? You can dabble in both the Solo Showdown and Troop Throwdown competitions and challenge yourself. The higher the profits you raise, the higher in ranking you go — before you know it, you would have reached the top!

Rewards Distribution: Separated into two (2) categories

  • Individual Profit Reward — Accounts for 70% of the total prize pool
  • Individual P&L(%) Reward — Accounts for 30% of the total prize pool

Find out more on the Solo Showdown event page.

Register for Solo Showdown

Dragons and legends — enter the lair, raid its hoard today!

Terms and Conditions:

  • Please read all terms and conditions of each competition carefully. Head to the WSOT page and learn more about the event.
  • If the trading volume of coins that can participate in the competition reaches the requirements, the coin with the highest P&L(%) will be selected to participate in the ranking.
  • If the corresponding trading volume requirements are not reached before the end of the competition, you will not receive your reward.
  • Subaccounts cannot participate in WSOT. In the event that two (2) users have the same P&L(%) or profit, the user with the highest trading volume will be selected for priority ranking.
  • The Solo Showdown is a different competition from the BTC & ETH Troop Throwdown, which you will need to sign up for separately. Two (2) prize pools for the two (2) competitions are separated.
  • The derivatives taker fee discount will be automatically applied and will only be available for the duration of the event.
  • Bybit reserves the right to disqualify a user if he/she engages in any inappropriate, dishonest, or abusive activities (such as wash trading, volume faking, participating using multiple accounts, market manipulation, etc.) during the competition.
  • If users with similar trading strategies have been detected by our risk detection engine, only the participant with the highest P&L(%) or profit will be allowed to continue in the competition.
  • If users have been detected to have engaged in matched trading activities by our risk detection engine, all associated users will be disqualified from the competition.
  • During the competition, any user who cancels more than 10 orders per minute may be disqualified.
  • If a Troop Leader of a troop that has been ranked in the top 10 is disqualified, his or her share of reward will be evenly divided by the Troop’s qualified members who have ≥ 30,000 USD in trading volume.
  • Bybit reserves the right of final interpretation of the Terms & Conditions. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service

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