Hash (Super)Power: Bybit Cloud Mining

Mining made easy: You’re now in the driver’s seat.

Interested in ETH mining but don’t want to wrestle with the operations and hardware maintenance?

Introducing Bybit Cloud Mining — the first entry into Bybit’s ByFi product suite that allows you immediate access to ETH mining with minimal entry price. All you have to do is to purchase the amount of hashrate you want and sit back to harvest ETH directly “from the cloud”.

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Cloud mining: fresh spin on the traditional crypto mining model

The explosive growth of cryptocurrencies in recent months, accompanied by the Nasdaq debut of Coinbase, fueled a surge in interest in crypto mining — with miners being awarded crypto tokens for verifying blocks of transactions.

The profitability of this endeavor, however, is hampered by a number of factors: the availability and price of the computer system, operation and maintenance cost, and electricity fees that render crypto mining costly and painstaking.

Cloud mining, on the other hand, is the practice of utilizing a remote data center with shared computing power to mine cryptocurrency. You can purchase hashing power, or hashrate, directly from Bybit to mine crypto assets without having to run your own hardware — lowering the barrier to entry and ensuring a hassle-free approach to mining.

Hop on, hop off: high visibility and profitability

Bybit Cloud Mining offers flexible 7-, 21-, and 42-day plans. You can customize a short-term investment plan for greater profitability, while minimizing the risks of price fluctuations and unforeseeable market activities in the long term. The service comes with 100% availability, and any downtime* will be covered by Bybit, allowing you to mine with greater confidence.

Your hardware for lease is up and running. Get started soon!

*Bybit will not be liable for any loss caused by uncontrollable risks, including but not limited to natural disasters, city-level power supply accidents, social conflicts, etc.

**Currently, only USDT payments are supported in the ByFi Center